Quick Ways to Eliminate Body Odor

Body odor can lower your self-confidence. But don't worry, there are several ways to get rid of body odor that you can do at home, from changing your lifestyle to using some natural ingredients.

Sweat doesn't actually smell. New body odor occurs when bacteria on the skin multiply and break down the proteins in sweat into acids.

In addition to bacteria on the skin, body odor can also be affected by changes in androgen hormones in the body. This is one of the reasons why teenagers who are in puberty often experience body odor.

Here are ways to get rid of body odor that you can do easily: 

1. Bathe Regularly

Bathing regularly at least once a day is the best and easiest way to get rid of body odor. With this step, your skin will be free from bacteria, dust, and germs, which can cause body odor.

When showering, make sure to clean the limbs that are prone to sweating, such as the armpits, groin, neck, and face, until they are completely clean.

2. Using Antibacterial Soap

To eradicate bacteria on the skin that cause body odor, you can use soap that contains antibacterial substances. However, this type of soap may not be suitable if you have dry or sensitive skin.

If your skin often gets irritated after using the soap, you can replace it with soap that contains moisturizers and doesn't contain fragrance, for example, baby soap.

3. Dry Your Body Properly

The next trick to getting rid of body odor is to make sure you always dry sweat-producing areas, such as your armpits and groin. If the side is dry and clean, it will be more difficult for the bacteria that cause body odor to breed.

4. Limit Consumption of Certain Foods and Drinks

There are several steps you can take to avoid body odor, one of which is by limiting the consumption of drinks and food triggers. Foods such as onions, mutton, beef, and spicy foods are some of the causes of body odor. In addition, caffeinated drinks can also cause body odor.

5. Don't let your body sweat too long

One way is to immediately clean the body when sweating. Prepare a tissue, handkerchief, or small towel to wipe your sweat. Thus, you do not provide opportunities for odor-causing bacteria to multiply on your skin.

6. Shaving the Armpits

Another way to avoid body odor is to shave your armpits. According to a study from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, shaving the hair in the armpits can help reduce bad odor. This is because shaved skin is easier to clean than skin with hair.

7. Try Relaxation Techniques

Stress and the burden of the mind as one of the causes of excessive sweating. As a result, depression makes it easier for you to experience body odor.

If this is the trigger for your body odor, you can try some relaxation techniques as a way to get rid of the bad smell.

8. Choose the Right Deodorant

One way to get rid of body odor quickly and effectively is to use deodorant.
It may be necessary to spend a lot of effort to find a deodorant that suits your biochemistry and daily needs.

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