Effective Alternative Natural Cough Medicine for Children

Natural cough medicine is one of the alternatives to cure children. Herbal products are often used as a substitute for drugs marketed in pharmacies.

As found, cough syrup in the form of cough medicine is not recommended for consumption at this time. The syrup drug is suspected to contain a risky substance as a cause of mysterious chronic kidney failure in children.

Thus, switching to natural remedies is an option nowadays. Besides being safe for consumption, natural medicines are easy to find and are often consumed every day.

This natural remedy can also be eaten in combination. Generally done on kitchen spices that are available in the house.

The following are natural cough medicines that are effective and easy to find as an alternative to the current issue of syrup medicine.

1. Honey

The first recommended natural cough remedy that can be consumed is honey. Quoted from several sources, honey is more effective in relieving coughs than other cough medicines in general.

How to consume it is also quite easy and simple. Just add two teaspoons of honey and warm water. Then you can give or drink it to children 1-2 times a day to liquefy phlegm and treat coughs.

To add a variant to this honey drink, honey can also be combined with other natural cough medicine ingredients. This can be done if the child wants a preferred taste and enjoys creating a good taste to drink.

But it must be remembered, honey can only be given to children over a year. Because in infants, honey can cause botulism or a serious condition in which children experience seizures, and stiff muscles, due to bacteria in certain compounds, so please pay attention.

2. SaltWater

At home, of course, salt is always available. Saltwater is found to absorb excess fluid from swollen throat tissues. Therefore, some people use salt water to treat throat problems, including reducing coughs.

How to consume it is really easy. It is enough to add a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water. Then ask the child to gargle the back of the throat for a moment before spitting it out.

Saltwater should not be given to a child who cannot rinse his mouth. Children who can't rinse their mouths will generally swallow the salt water.

3. Ginger

This one herbal concoction is often recommended by our parents who are proven to treat coughs in children. Ginger is a natural cough medicine for children which is effective in relieving coughs and relieving breathing.

The anti-inflammatory compounds in ginger can soothe the membranes in the respiratory tract, thereby reducing dry coughs or asthmatic coughs.

You can consume it by soaking 20-40 grams of ginger pieces in one glass of hot water. After that, let it sit for a while before drinking it. Generally, this is referred to as ginger cooking water.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound that has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Turmeric is a natural cough remedy for children to relieve dry cough symptoms.

How to consume it, can be made into golden milk aka turmeric milk which is trending. It can also be made into a drink mixed with honey, salt, or black pepper to increase its benefits.

5. Drink Enough

Drinking enough is the easiest medicine but still powerful. Make sure the child is well-hydrated when coughing.

One of them by drinking enough water or equal to 0.23 liters each amount. Offer water at least every hour or two.

6. Give Children Balm

Applying balm on the chest and legs of children can prove useful as a natural cough remedy. However, check with your pediatrician before using this balm product.

A study shows that balm is not always safe when applied to a child's chest. Because, when the child is still a toddler then there is a chance to touch the eyes of our favorite child. For recommendations for children's balm, you can visit the brand of children's balm for colds and coughs.

7. Drink and Eat Hot

Drinking and eating something warm can also relieve coughs in children. Warm liquids such as caffeine-free tea, or hot water with lemon can help loosen mucus and soothe sore throats.

Besides that, children can also be given warm food. Like soups or broths that kids love.

That's how to cure coughs in children with natural herbal remedies that are easy to find in our homes.

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