Daily Routine For Health

Small changes that can have a big impact are a routine that is consistently used as a habit for health. Many people believe that regular and disciplined daily activities are difficult to implement. So if we have strong determination and goals then small changes that are done routinely will have a positive influence on us. Likewise, small things that are done with the aim of health then of course will change our body patterns in a better direction to maintain our body's fitness and health. 

Daily routines to maintain health have a positive effect on both our physical and mental health. This is what keeps you from stress, maintains better sleep, increases daily productivity, maintains appetite, and can increase the mind to be more focused on something. Routines should be fun if we really keep running and regularly do as we, please. Here are some easy-to-implement and everyday routines for us.

1. Get up in the morning at the same time

Have we ever had a harder time getting up on Monday? Of course, this is what many people experience because usually on weekends we prefer to leave long activities on weekdays. On weekends people tend to spend time doing more strenuous activities than usual on weekdays. For example, usually on weekdays, we do the same and scheduled work activities, then on weekends we spend more on traveling, hanging out with friends, or even carrying out tiring activities outside. As soon as we enter the final day of vacation our minds and bodies demand that we switch to a long day mode to carry out work as usual on a weekday.

2. Tidy up our bed

Is making the bed really important? Our bed is one of the therapies when the body wants to feel comfortable and calm. If we imagine when we come home from a tiring task or job when the body needs to rest in messy bed conditions our minds will feel annoyed and just add to the burden. Instead of getting a comfortable resting place for the body to rest, instead, it is forced to do small things that only add stress. For this reason, make it a habit to do this little routine so that our minds are awake from stress. Besides that, if we do it in the morning, our bodies will make light movements so that the body is not stiff. In addition, our bedroom will be neat and clean.

3. Small sport

Exercise is very important for our bodies to maintain health and fitness every day. Not everyone can exercise regularly to maintain a healthy body. The reason is that we are too tired to do many things in our day, so even doing it on the weekends feels hard to carry out. An easy exercise to work on as a routine is jogging or walking in the morning every day. The body will feel primed and strong to carry out the next daily task.

4. Meditation

Meditation is very suitable for us to do in maintain our daily thoughts and mentality. Take time for 10 minutes for our daily meditation in the morning. Maintaining the mind and mentality with meditation will help us be more focused and confident to carry out the activities or work in front of us.

5. Take a shower 

Bathing in our culture is indirectly a routine that cannot be abandoned, therefore bathing regularly both in the morning and after activities can make our bodies smell good, fresh, and clean. On the other hand, bathing is a part that can make the body comfortable and the mind calms so that it will be ready to do anything.

6. Breakfast

Can breakfast keep the body healthy? the answer is quite simple, in the morning when the body needs energy, then provides energy intake to start daily activities. By not skipping our breakfast this morning, the body with full energy will be ready to carry out any routines and activities every day.

7. Drink a glass of water

Sometimes we feel dehydrated in the morning, the reason is that we miss our intake of fluid needs for our body, so drink it and make it a habit to drink a glass of water before going to bed and when you wake up, for additional benefits you can add squeeze and put in your drink a piece of lemon. This can be beneficial for our digestive health.

8. Take vitamins

Many people cannot meet the body's need for vitamins from the food they consume, and for that, we can take vitamins to make our bodies properly nourished so that our health is not disturbed. It can also maintain our appetite because when we are given heavy tasks and activities it encourages our appetite to become weak which will have an impact on our health.

9. Stretch 

Sitting continuously at a laptop screen for a long duration makes the body stiff and makes it difficult to move. So stretching is needed to make the body light and easy to move when needed. Do it every few hours like getting up from your seat and walking to stretch your muscles.

10. Do a hobby that you like

Everyone must have a hobby, for do it at hours when the mind and body really need to be pampered. For example, our hobby is playing ball, fitness, badminton, or other sports hobbies that we like. Besides being able to help with our sports portion, this hobby will be easy to do because it is done with pleasure.

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