6 Things to Avoid Before Exercising

Besides preparing the necessary running sports equipment, it is also important to know a number of things that can and cannot be done. This is to prevent existing problems, especially comfort and health problems. Preparing running and sports equipment is important, but there are other things you need to understand before exercising. Here are some things you should stay away from before you start running:

1. Not Warming Up

It's really important to warm up before running. This is to avoid injury when running. Before starting, try to warm up 10-15 minutes first. Do a proper warm-up, one of which is by running in place. Perform running steps in the correct location so that the leg muscles experience a stretch. In addition to preventing injury, proper warm-up is useful for holding back aches in the joints after running.

2. Lack of sleep

Never force yourself to run when your body is sleep deprived. Lack of sleep can cause a feeling of loss of concentration and dizziness. Therefore, get enough sleep before doing running sports. Adequate sleep for adults is around 5-8 hours a day, depending on individual conditions. Adequate sleep can make the body and mind healthier. Stay away from staying up late for unnecessary things. Start loving your body.

3. Drink less/more water

When doing running sports, the body should not be in a dehydrated state. The body must obtain sufficient fluids, not even less. When running, the body can move a lot so it can sweat a lot. Doing running sports when you lack fluids will only make your body condition worse. You may even experience fainting. Likewise, when you drink too much water, it can later cause stomach cramps and nausea.

4. Eat a lot

It is not permissible to do running sports when the body is still full. Avoid eating a lot, at least 2 hours before running. A full stomach will only cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting if running is forced. Therefore, eat only as needed. Avoid consuming foods that are too fatty or oily because they are not good for digestion. It could be, for a moment you will run just keep going backwards.

5. Underestimating Health Conditions 

Take a good look at your health condition before doing running sports. Don't push yourself too hard if your physical condition is not good. Know and know the signs of health in your body. If you are experiencing fatigue or are not very healthy for sports, you should get enough rest. Still exercising when the body is not in shape will only cause new health problems. Instead of getting healthy, actually getting sicker.

So, that was just the running sports equipment that needs to be prepared and found. Preparing equipment means that your running can be optimal and free from various kinds of sports injuries such as cramps, one of them. Apart from that, it is also important to know the things that should not be done before running. This will prevent you from health problems and injury. But above all, do the right and good exercise so that the body is healthy and protected from various types of diseases.

6. Less Setup

Tools and sports equipment as things that you have to prepare. If you want to play basketball, basketball clothes, balls to shoes are the things that are important for you to prepare. Every sports equipment and equipment is not made haphazardly. Sports equipment is used to help support your performance on the field. Likewise with running. Prepare your running clothes and shoes, if necessary, wear a waist bag or armband to store your smartphone and other valuables.

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